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We see all of your marketing communication needs and deliver them from a single, comprehensive, highly efficient strategy. All held to an inspired, unified, strategic standard. That's the McKinley Communications way. That's Uncommon Sense.

We must confess, the recent industry trend toward re-integration has us slightly amused. After all, we've remained integrated for 30 years. Today, we offer these integrated services:

  • Advertising
  • Dialogue Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Promotion + Collateral

Great work is only great if it provides strong, measurable results. So how do we get there? We dig until we have deep knowledge of the audience. Next, we mine fresh, unexpected insights. Finally, we apply our expertise in traditional media and emerging media until we have reached our goal: Advertising that consistently moves the needle – not for us, but for you.

Dialogue Marketing
Ask. Listen. Respond. Three elements of a conversation. McKinley Communications' Dialogue Marketing approach applies these elements to integrated marketing communication. We build conversations and provide measurable results at each touchpoint. And as in any effective dialogue, we call people by name, change as they change, listen and respond to their needs... and tailor the investment in the dialogue to the potential return from each customer. So whether a client's goals are best served with conversations via the Web, direct mail, mobile devices, or the sales force, we can facilitate the dialogue. Seamlessly.

Event Marketing
The benefit of a full-service agency is that no gaps occur, anywhere, in your communications armor. Our Event Marketing team provides a perfect example. We can translate a client's goals and established brand identity directly into a trade show booth, a demonstration day, or a high-impact customer experience.

Public Relations
When it comes to getting the word out, McKinley Communications gets the most out of the word. Whether it's media relations, public affairs or crisis communications, our award-winning staff can seamlessly, cost-effectively integrate these elements into any marketing program. Or make PR your only program. With McKinley Communications, controlling and shaping YOUR message makes global communications a local reality for clients of all sizes.

Promotion + Collateral
Whether a client needs to bolster the retail environment or arm the sales force, McKinley Communications is an expert at delivering the tools. We can deliver arresting point-of-sale displays, full-blown collateral, the most detailed of spec sheets, vibrant sales-stimulation materials and a vast array of promotionals and imprintables. And we can make it all available via an online, customizable client toolbox.

Strategic Consulting
McKinley Communications' Uncommon Sense is as clear at 30,000 feet as it is at ground level. So if a client's needs are more strategic than tactical, McKinley Communications can deliver – from critical thinking to strategic focus to deep market knowledge. We’ve helped dozens of clients manage fundamental shifts in growth strategy, portfolio alignment, product incubation and so much more.

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